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Sunday, 7 June 2009

As you do when you blog-cruise, you come across gorgeous things.

Alas, my Ella is too 'old' for such whimsical frocks, but I am just drooling over these pieces from Shabby Apple. There's gorgeous bits for women, too, but the girls frocks... sigh sigh and sigh.

Ella is only 8. When can I have grandkids???

You can also check out Shabby Apple's blog here...

Take a nibble, enjoy and I'll live it all vicariously through you.


stepforddreams said...

Tania what do 8 year olds like to wear these days. I can't believe I just said "these days." Now I feel hideously old. I'm not old I'm young. Young young young. Ok fine, I'm not. Tell me though, what are 8 year old girls into? Is it all glittery tweeny stuff? I have no clue.
Oh and thank you so much for posting the link for Shabby Apple, I know a certain knee high redhead who'd look a treat in one of those frocks!

smileybella said...

Eight year olds - well mine, anyway - is into what I dress them in!!! But seriously, Ella wears a lot of Country Road and Fred Bare and the only sequins I let her wear are on her shoes. I forbid any Hannah Montannah and such -although I did recently relinquish and let her get HM runners. Ugh. She wears lots of knitted tights, gorgeous skirts, cardigans, boots - all the srummy stuff. Oh - she does own one pair of Levis with the faint hint of a sparkle through the denim... she'd still wear pink tu tus if she could!
In truth, I would still dress Ella in some of the Shabby Apple frocks, but alas, they don't make bugger sizes. When we were in Beijing, I came cross the most divine shop - selling similar stuff, and I asked the owner to make some of their wares bigger, and she did.
I wish more children's clothes shops would make larger clothes for kids.... the sizes end too soon. :(

stepforddreams said...

I love CR kidswear it is gorgeous. I was very restrained last week when they had their cardholders sale. I very almost bought T a matching bolero cardi but I had visions of my husband disowning us in our corny matching cardis so I held off.
I'm a little scared of the the day T starts following HM and the like. I caught a glimpse of 2 year old dressed head to toe like a Bratz doll at The Chase the other day and it made me shudder.

smileybella said...

I didn't even go in. I knew I'd come out with a trolley full and we're touring Tassie next month - I want to buy me some Tassie treats!
Don't even start me on this branded stuff. I detest it. And if you EVER see my daughter in a midriff top, well - that will be the end of me.

the projectivist said...

i wish they made children's clothes for children. not mini versions of adult clothes, if you see what i mean. thankfully my daughter couldn't care less about that silly HannahMontana character.

if she could, she'd wear skirts and colourful tights every day. i don't blame her one bit.
she's seven.
if i were a rich woman, i'd dress her in Oilily so that she looked like a miniature wild gypsy child.

smileybella said...

the projectivist - totally agree. That's why I'm about to do a post on beautiful KIDS clothes, rather than the mini me version (although, of course, there are some gorgeous clothes that translate well into kids clothes - take the peacoat, for example).

Ella, too, could wear skirts and colourful tights every day... I just steer her gently to the labels I like and it seems to be working well so far... Not sure it will last much longer and I don't want to create a total anarchistic rebel out of her!

The great thing about Ella is that although she is not a slave to fashion, she really appreciates beautiful clothes and when I buy good clothes, I make a point of showing her the beauty. A little home fashion shoot doesn't hurt, either!

I love Oilily too!

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