Pretty Little Things

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Today I'm not feeling well and it's getting me down. So I need to look at pretty.

Seeing as though Riley is at soccer and Ella is shushing me away so she can watch Hotel for Dogs, I've had to succumb to other pretty.

For me, pretty is often small. And whimsical. And my daughter Ella is one lucky girl because she has lots of pretty, small and whimsical in her room.

Like this adorable wooden dolls house I found in Beijing. It's Japanese and you can see why it's Japanese. It's so priceless, I want to shrink myself down and move in.

Seeing as though my shrinking powers are a bit shady right now, I'll have to content myself with laying on white fluffly rugs and looking longingly.


Parisbreakfast said...

What a funny charming dollhouse!
I wish I still had was my life line

Tiny Concept said...

I was thinking of revamping Pey's dollhouse this weekend - you have inspired me!

Amanda Lonsdale said...

This is the sweetest thing. Ever!

I wish I lived in a teeny tiny Japanese house. Too cute!


TB said...

THIS I love - tooooo cute!!

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