Oh Hospitals

Friday, 3 July 2009

Hello gorgeous readers,

One of the hardest things about this past week has been not being able to tap my fingertips on a keyboard. Severe illness aside! I have so missed writing and blogging and chatting to you all.

My lovely Husband has brought in his super doo internet connected work laptop and I have a few moments of illness reprieve to say hi. I know some of you have been trying to get in touch with me and thank you for the wonderful well-wishes.

At this stage, we're not sure what's going on with me - incapacitating headaches, nausea and vertigo - can say I've had some of the worst days of my life this week but I'm remaining positive. Just checking out all your blogs has made me feel better already.

Just wanted to say I miss you all and hope to be back tapping the keys very soon.




PS: don't you love Ella's shameless Mango and Max blog plug? Naughty Max went for the snip today and well deserved it!


Tiny Concept said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon. Thinking of you!

Susan @ Reading Upside Down said...

Praying for your rapid recovery Tania and hoping that you are receiving the best of care while you are in hospital.

It looks like you daughter has the whole blogging thing under control. You may have trouble getting control of the keyboard back when you get home. :-)

Market Girl said...

Hope you are better soon lovey, Take care and let me know if you need anything done x

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