Baby Animal Dare

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Ooh, I love miscellaneous information. Give me a dictionary, an encyclopaedia and most especially a book about the origin of words.

One thing I particularly love knowing is the names for baby animals. The names for groups of animals, males and females are also fun to know, but kids particularly love baby animal names.... I know mine do, and it's fun challenging each other to name them.

So, without Googling a single time, I dare you to gather the kids together and try to name the babies of the following animals.

No peeking at books or Googling allowed! I will post the answers soon.

Good luck, hatchlings!

· Dog
· Bear
· Mouse
· Whale
· Deer
· Cockatoo
· Sheep
· Rabbit
· Eel
· Turkey
· Monkey
· Shark
· Camel
· Bee
· Crocodile
· Frog
· Dove
· Bat
· Horse
· Panda

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