Book Week in Full Swing

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

I'm having a wonderful start to Book Week. On Monday, I read to the fabulous kids at Ainslie Primary and St Thomas More's, and today it was St Bede's Primary. We read Riley and the Sleeping Dragon and talked about storywriting, book creation, and life as a writer. We even folded the most fabulous paper planes, ever!

Children are just so inspirational - they bring me so much energy and never fail to intrigue me with the way they think, the amazing questions they ask and observations they make. Nothing is greater than seeing a child's eyes light up, seeing them learn something new, and watching them become impassioned about their own future.

It was a pleasure to meet all these wonderful kids and their dedicated teachers, and I so look forward to the next 10 days!


Tiny Concept said...

What a great week you have ahead of you! It must be so amazing to read your OWN book to such great kids!!

Mee a Bee said...

Happy Book week! I might get myself a book later, today an amazon voucher has appeared in my in-box mysteriously!

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