One Million Identical Travel Photos

Saturday, 8 August 2009

I stumbled across this fab site today - Traveller's Point. It's like Trip Advisor but seems purer in a sense, and isn't fraught with a bunch of know-it-all wanker posters... and verbal violence.

I particularly enjoyed this post on 'One Million Identical Photos' by Adagio, who has taken to shelving the camera on his travels, and allowing himself to melt into each precious travelling moment.

I can so relate to what he says. There has been many a time where I've held a camcorder in one hand and an SLR in the other and realised I was missing out on the actual reality of our travels. But I feel so compelled to record them, especially when our kids are with us (will they remember things unless I record it all for them?) and also because I love taking photos.

I also spend a lot of time on travel journals and create photo books and scrapbooks when we get home, so I do need gorgeous pics to put in them.

It was interesting, though, to think about Adagio's point on taking the happy snaps that everyone else does on their travels. The same old coveted snap of Angkor Wat, totally people-less with the ultimate still-life reflection in the foreground pond.

And the relentless glaring, shoving and groaning that wayward people are spoiling your shot.

But here's a thought. Maybe the perfect shot isn't a solitary Angkor Wat at sunset. Sometimes it's the close-up of the intricate designs or its walls or the eyes of a begging child, its hand outstretched.

Do you consistently seek perfect photo opps on your travels?

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