Tassie Adventure Day Seven

Friday, 21 August 2009

Day Seven of our Tassie adventure saw us embark early, leaving Hobart through rainy skies with rainbows over grape vines.

The weather soon cleared when we got to Richmond, just north of Hobart - a historical town containing Australia's oldest bridge - Richmond Bridge. Before stopping at the bridge, we had scones with jam and cream at the Richmond Maze and tearooms (after our disaster at Westbury Maze, we decided to forgo getting lost again).

We then explored the gorgeous shops in town before heading to Old Hobart Town, a miniature village of Hobart back in 1820. The site is extensive and beautifully done - a remarkable feat considering most of this impressive work was designed by two men - John and Andrew Quick - taking them three years to build.

On the way out of Richmond, we drove over the bridge - which still remains a beautiful specimen.... and oh so photogenic!

Continuing north along the historic trail to Launceston from Hobart, we stopped at the beautiful and tiny town of Ross, which contains Australia's oldest Catholic church - St Johns, built in 1836.

We also explored the Heritage Museum and Wool Exhibition, which is bursting with all manner of exquisite products made from wool, as well as fascinating museum displays. Kids can set their hands upon all the different styles and thicknesses of wool in the sample area.

We also experienced some wonderful local wildlife (below) before stopping for a lovely pub lunch in this gorgeous and quiet town.

On the road again, we headed north to yet another historic town just outside Launceston - Evandale. We loved it here. Again, quaint and quiet, we stopped for coffee and delicious treats, reminiscing over our journey so far.

On the way out of town, heading for Launceston, I stopped to snap this stunning church...

...and very soon we were pulling into the carpark of our gorgeous accommodation - Kilmarnock House, right in the heart of in Launceston.

Once unpacked, we walked into the centre of town, but not before a kick of the football in City Park.


Erica Rose said...

I was browsing through sites via that little link at the top of each blogger page and stumbled across yours.. Your photos in this entry are beautiful, looks like you had a good time =)

Melly said...

Wow looks like you really made the most of your trip! I spent way too much time in the lolly shop in Richmond as a kid - family outing every Sunday afternoon.

I haven't spent that much time exploring Launcestion - I know I'm a bad Taswegian. You've inspired me to go back soon.

Anonymous said...

Tnaia - it just looks so lovely! TB

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