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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Oh, to gather together a gaggle of girls and nip off to Thailand for a week of shopping and spa treatments! The stuff many a mum's dreams are made of. Partying in Paris would be good, too. Or New York, London, Rome. Even a quick jaunt to Bali would be bliss.

One of my dearest friends, Dani, is incredibly well-travelled. She's been to more countries than I have fingers or toes, and having two adorable young kids is not going to stop her (and her family) seeing more of the world.

When Dani and three mates from highschool recently decided they needed a girls' trip away, Vietnam was an easy choice. Dani and her husband Nick have spent a large amount of time in Vietnam and it's a place they both have a deep spiritual connection with.

When the four gals - Dani, Nicole, Laurie and Michelle - began discussing their fabulous trip to somewhere that clearly meant they "weren't in Kansas any more, Toto", they were thrilled to welcome Dani's suggestion of raising some funds and collecting some goodies to take to kids in need.

The Christina Noble Childrens Foundation is a foundation dedicated to helping young Vietnamese children in need with education, medical care, social opportunities and job placement. All of this is done with love, dignity and respect for each child as an individual. A lot of these children would still be on the streets if it was not for the hard work and dedication of 'Mama Tina'.

Dani and the girls, mindful of the fact they come from a fortunate country and live fortunate lives and were fortunate to be going on a fantastic girlie trip, decided to set up a facebook club that invited friends and relatives to donate what they could.

They have since raised enough funds and collected enough goodies to make a seriously positive impact on the lives of many children, and this loving quartet of mums simply can't wait to get to Ho Chi Minh City and spend time with these gorgeous children. They will leave for Vietnamese shores on 6 September.

Can you imagine if, on every trip we make overseas (with or without our families), we do a little bit to make a difference in the lives of impoverished women and children? What an incredibly enriching and rewarding life experience it would be for our own children to witness such generosity. It doesn't take much time and effort to change other people's lives.

I'm so proud of these amazing mums, and they've really given me something to think about when we next travel overseas. Well done, girls. You are a total inspiration.

Check back here to see a post-trip wrap-up and heart-warming photos of this trip of a lifetime.

Want to make a donation to Mums Making a Difference in Ho Chi Minh City? Email Dani here or head to the girls' facebook club -

You can see Christina Noble Childrens Foundation's wishlist here.

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