SmartyPig Winner!

Saturday, 22 August 2009


You have won a $100 gift card to SmartyPig, the ANZ's new savings incentive online initiative.

You can learn more about the fab SmartyPig system by clicking on the card above.

Thanks to everyone who entered!


Michael Ferrari said...


Thanks for the shout-out! Really appreciate it. Any questions about the pig from you or your readers please email me direct anytime.

Thanks again!

Mike Ferrari
SmartyPig co-founder

Tiny Concept said...

There is only one thing that I would love to save for at the moment - a magical trip to Paris! The Eiffel tower, the hidden vintage textile markets, the hot chocolate breakfast finished with fresh baguette and loads of fresh butter and jam! Of course it would be a dream to take the children to experience the culture, food and lifestyle but always seems out of reach - wouldn't it be great to take the whole family, now all I need to do is start saving!!

Market Girl said...

Ohh easy our very first family holiday ever. Finally booked 20 sep. Fiji here we come.
We have never been able to afford a real family holiday either time or $ wise. One of those things always got in the way.

Melly said...

Hi Tania,

I'm saving for my wedding in April next year - it's slowly coming together, but being a full time PhD student makes it a little difficult, especially financially! So, I'm DiY-ing most things - even the wedding cake and flowers! It'll be heaps of fun (fingers crossed) and I'm staying optimistic.


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