Country Road launches its new Trenery label

Friday, 4 September 2009

I must admit, I’m a bit of a Country Road gal. I remember the early days, way back in the 90s when I first became addicted. I still have a crepe jacket in deepest navy with a tie back and single button closure. Gentle shoulder pads, sleek cut. It’s not something I’d wear now but I can’t bear to throw it away.

I also have a pair of black leather pumps with a round toe and ankle straps that still lurk in my wardrobe, despite being positively antiquated and covered with a fine slick of dust. But when I give them a shine, these babies still come up gorgeously – like something Ginger Rogers would wear whilst cavorting with Fred Astaire.

I still indulge occasionally in County Road today and my latest addiction, since having kids, has been the children’s line – full of whimsical and classic pieces that create a rare balance between clothes that mum loves and clothes that my kids actually want to wear. And we all know how well CR clothes last… and last and last. Like other higher priced labels that have captured my heart (and bank manager’s attention), they do have the advantage of not only beauty but longevity… something I justify to myself every time I indulge my very lucky kids.

But now it might be time to indulge myself again.

I was hopping around like a flea when I heard about CR’s new line – Trenery – a label aimed directly at (dare I say it) us over-the-hillers.

I know, I know – 40 is the new 30 and of course rolling down the other side of the hill is actually a whole of lot fun in many ways – least of all being a new found respect for classic, timeless fashion that actually flatters you and fits who you are, let alone your hips and thighs. And (finally!) being released from the strangehold of all things ‘trendy’ is like breathing oxygen again. Oxygen injected with truth serum. Like – “this outfit actually makes you look wonderful, not just ‘in’”.

Lord knows I’m at an age where ‘what’s in’ just does not necessarily work any more. Yes there are women over 40 who still do the hippest trends... and risk the mutton-lamb syndrome. Unless you’re Elle Macpherson, I’m sorry but you really have no excuse.

But being at ‘that age’ – poste-trend-infestation – actually makes me happy. Honestly? I think harem pants look like you pooped; I don’t care how gorgeous or thin you are. And dressing like Mick Jagger in the late sixties or wearing a trilby hat looks totally affected unless you wear it like a uniform each and every day until it becomes part of your persona and then it’s kinda charming (think Molly Meldrum).

Country Road, in my mind, has always been classic, but I must admit, I’ve watched my husband and I slowly grow past their ‘coastal’ men’s tees and urban trends that really belong to people born in the late 70s onwards, not us 60s babies. What I’m loving about Trenery is that it features classics that are modern but retro in flavour. I can see Casablanca in the trench coats. I can see Dean Martin in the thin v-neck pullovers. I can see Katharine Helpburn in those flat front pants.

I can see chic, timeless, classic, flattering, without compromising style and modern good looks that are so perfect, they are always on trend.

I love that kind of classic trendyness that doesn’t frighten Husband into a long sprint towards a far distant place. He likes to look good but he also likes to look like he’s NOT a fashionista wannabe, who – unless they look like a fashion model and live on a yacht in St Tropez – really just looks ridiculous.

I can also see myself in these clothes and after returning from four years in fashion-bedazzled China, I must say I have been a little scared at the variety – or rather, lack thereof – of clothing in Australia that I would actually haul out the plastic for.

Oh glory. Trenery to the rescue.

Trenery has launched this very month of September, with brand new stores opening in Bondi and Chatswood Chase in NSW, Highpoint in Victoria, the Canberra Centre in the ACT and Karrinyup in WA. Chadstone in Victoria will open in November 2009.

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Did you know? The name Trenery is inspired by the site of one of Country Road’s first commercially scaled office locations: Trenerry Crescent, Collingwood, Victoria.

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