In the Spring Garden

Saturday, 19 September 2009

We are in the garden again today.

Husband got a tonne of mulch and even the kids have mucked in - how they love to garden and what a thrill it has been to develop that love in them so young. Children are just fascinated to witness how gardens can be transformed, how they develop and bear fruit.

Today we have already completed the front yard, weeding as we go, and making sure to nestle in all the beautiful spring blooms - daffies, elicheers, freesias.

There's also spring blossoms on the trees and I'm going to post more photos soon because we are so fortunate to have some stunning blossy trees around our house.

I'll also show you some photos of the mulching we've been doing and our vegie patch - all very exciting. We're just glad to have started this early. Only mid September and already that sun is a teensy bit too warm.

How I love these 'in between' seasons.

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