The Postie Brings Treasures

Sunday, 20 September 2009

On Friday, the postie delivered a large package and I knew exactly what it was and so subsequently squealed with delight.

After my squealing, postie looking on in alarm, I gently laid the package on the dining room table and peeled it open - revealing lacy white paper which unfurled to reveal two darling, treasurable, heirloom dolls hand-crafted by the amazing Tina Snerling of Tiny Concept.

Oh, they took my breath away. I've long seen and admired Tina's dolls on the internet but I was simply unprepared for how utterly beautiful they are in real life. The fabric she uses is so whimsical, all vintage and textured and stunning. The faces, the love-heart mouths, the delicate hands and feet, the bobbly soft hair, the exquisite gowns, the rosy cheeks.

I was so mesmerised, tears sprang to my eyes.

Tina even threw in some gorgeous cards and I wonder if I'll ever use them - perhaps a frame is the best recipient of such deliciousness.

So, I've sequestered the dolls away for December when 'Ella' will be handed to my daughter on Christmas Day and 'Isabella' will be presented to my god daughter who will be leaving Australia for several years in Thailand in the new year.

Lucky, lucky girls.

1 comment:

Tiny Concept said...

Tania, it was my pleasure. It is such a shame they have to part ways - they look so cute together!!!

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