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Friday, 20 November 2009

So proud to showcase by next launch sponsor... Tina Snerling from Tiny Concept has become a dear long-distance friend of mine since we met in the blogosphere earlier this year. In fact, we have began such a mutual admiration society, there might even be whisperings of us working on a project some day... I'll keep you posted.

Tina is an extraordinary talent. Not only does she design her stunning dolls and soft toy creations, she also illustrates and is the talent behind the design of her beautiful website.

Tina has always been in love with beautiful objects and textiles and her current work was inspired by a small handmade doll made by her mother that now sits proudly on her daughter Peyton's bed.

After studying fashion design, Kristina landed her dream job designing children's wear and was able to travel the world for inspiration. After the birth of her children (son Maverick came next), Tina began working from home, making unique handmade dolls from vintage and inspired textiles. She uses incredibly beautiful fabric and trim for her dolls from vintage French lace to Chinese silk, and can even custom-make items from treasured or heirloom textles.

Tina's stunning range also includes a new range of Special Friend dolls as well as stunning soft furnishings and greeting cards featuring her illustrations. Currently overworked with a steady influx of orders and selling out at local markets, this talented artisan is almost out of stock (!) but is working hard to replenish her wares - take a look at her site for news on her available items.

Kristina lives in Brisbane with her children and husband Corey, and is proud to sponsor the Riley and the Dancing Lion book launch from Queensland.

Thanks, T. Love your work. Especially this...

You can read more on Tina in my Women Who Do What They Love series.

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Tiny Concept said...

You are too kind! I am honoured to support such a talented lady.

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