My Beach Holiday Packing List

Saturday, 9 January 2010

I love the beach vacation packing list over on the gorgeous blog - Delight by Design, but I had to laugh when I saw the contents - this is obviously a list destined for St Tropez and not a single rugrat in sight (unless they are furry, yap and come complete with carry-case).

So here is a look at MY packing list for our beach holiday on the south coast of New South Wales tomorrow.

Sorry, not a Gucci bauble in sight.


- sunscreen
- sunscreen
- sunscreen
- cowgirl hats
- bucket hats
- peak caps
- swimming costumes in every colour & style
- sun-protective swimming shirts ('rashies')
- sunglasses
- masks & snorkles
- swimming goggles
- flippers
- pool toys including new surf mats, pool noodles & diving toys
- undies
- thongs (the flip-flop kind)
- sandals and Crocs
- shorts, tees, singlets, frocks, skirts, shorts, boardies
- pj's
- sarongs & kaftans
- hair ties & headbands
- toiletries
- books
- magazines
- gin & tonic
- cooler bag & picnic mat
- powerboard with Chinese adaptor plugs
- laptop and accessories (I said I wouldn't, but have a book to write)
- camera, video camera, accessories
- snackeroonies for the car
- DSis & games for the car
- activity books & textas
- our pillows
- teddies
- one or two favourite toys
- any fruit & vegies that will spoil while we're away
- our Chinese green tea
- coffee machine & tub of ground Illy coffee
- travel journals

I must admit, it's so nice to be able to travel by car and take all these luxuries, not to mention be able to pick up anything at our destination (this is NOT possible when travelling in remote China or Vietnam, that's for sure).

Every time we go away, I try to pack as lightly as possible. See my constant packing dramas here. Travelling by car means I can go a little over the top, but I'm still hoping to keep things streamlined and therefore minimise mess and fuss.

My gorgeous girlfriend Teresa, who lives in Chicago, would often say going away to a holiday house is like simply moving houses. There's still cooking, housework, tidying to do. I hear her words, and so am intent on making our meals simple, our days simple, our clutter simple - much easier the older the kids get.

Swimming gear, a few good books, a bag of salad items and fruit - thankfully that's all a summer holiday away needs. Oh - and a coffee machine.


posiepatchwork said...

Happy travels Tania!! I am the ultimate in light travel . . . we took one yes ONE suitcase as a family of 6 travelling to China (i'm THAT good) with everyone strictly limited to one pair of good shoes, one pair thongs. We did a suitcase within a suitcase, came back with 2, the 2nd jammed packed with gifts. Each child had a small carry on bag, i mean, SMALL, sorry s m a l l & it was ace. When you're in the push & shove of Asian travel with 4 blondies (you know the drill) easier to watch one bag per adult!! Miss you already, love Posie

Dani said...

What about the margaritas! Happy travels my wonderful friend! XXX

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a fantastic Freckly time! tb

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