Muesli Bar Test

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Yesterday I made a batch of muesli bars from the recipes I found for my post below. I made the ones stacked with dried cranberries because I LOVE dried cranberries and so do the kids.

I didn't have wheatgerm so I used oat bran. I didn't have flax seeds so I used LSA mix. Just IMAGINE the goodness going into those little bodies!!!

If you wanted to make these for home-use, you could add nuts - peanuts or flaked almonds. You could also fold through cornflakes right at the end – could you imagine the crunch!?

I used maple syrup instead of honey because I personally only like a hint of honey and half a cup seemed too much for my tastes.

What I love about these muesli bars is that they’re no bake. I added everything except the cranberries and flax seeds to one large pan, cooked as instructed, whilst heating the butter/sugar mixture.

According to the recipe, you should cool your roasted dry ingredients before adding the wet butter/sugar mixture but what this does is just cause an almighty (and sticky!) mess, making things harder to smooth out.

Instead, I added the wet ingredients straight into the pan full of dry roasted scrumptiousness, mixed it through and then poured it straight into a lined slice dish. Because the ingredients are still hot, they don't go sticky, so mixing, pouring and clean up is a breeze.

I then cooled the slice and cut it into pieces.

OMG - delish!! You've got to try them and yes the kids love them.

1 comment:

Market Girl said...

Yum, they look great. I will try for sure.
What I love even more is your new web headder!
Gorgeous x

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