Amazing Australians Talk at Good Shepherd Primary School, Canberra

Friday, 9 April 2010

I had the most 'amazing' time at Good Shepherd Primary School here in Canberra at one of the funnest events I've ever had the fortune to be involved in.

The children are doing a unit on Amazing Australians - people they admire or are inspired by, and who have contributed to society in a lasting way.

These year 6 kids also dressed the part, coming along as their most admired Amazing Australian. No surprise that over 60% of the classmates came as sportspeople! but there were also people from the arts, business (there was a Dick Smith!) and the literary world... a world I was speaking on.

I had to talk about Amazing Australians who inspired me and how I felt authors, illustrators and other literary figures contribute to our community. It was great fun and the kids had some intriguing questions afterwards.

I just loved this fantastic addition to this school's curriculum and hope the kids have been as inspired as I was. Thank you to Luke Maher for having me!

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