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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

My house, my office and my head are a mess right now. But in a good way. After commencing quite possibly the busiest two weeks of my year, the kids also happened to finish school for a two-week break.

As is the way.

They have been great, though. Like, really good. And husband has been amazing, getting home early, taking a day off, not grumbling about boiled vegies and a takeaway chicken, etc. I've been ferrying the kids all over town and then heading straight into Shop Handmade where I've been spending hours staring at the computer screen, getting all the incredibly beautiful products into the system, ready for Friday's grand opening.

I'm just beside myself. Can't wait til opening day - but let me tell you, the Shop Handmade team are breaking backs (almost literally for some!!) getting everything finalised and beautiful... we're down to the wire here and it will be sleepless nights until Friday. But my - it's going to be stunning.

In the meantime, everything else is on hold. There's no milk in the fridge nor fruit in the bowl, my blogs have been neglected, the state of my office is diabolical, as soon as I'm in the door I'm out again and I haven't liaised with my illustrator on book pages in more than a week, let alone reviewed any books. I have paper, glue, guillotines, double-sided tape and printouts all over the house - creating labels and decorations for Shop Handmade, plus new products to sell therein. My beautiful new Riley fabric has even arrived and no time to get things together on that front.

So, if I'm a little quiet, you know I'm spending every waking hour at the shop! and can't wait to post on the absolutely glorious opening day.


Prim and Pretty said...

I can just imagine all the effort you girls are putting in. Thankyou!

Dee Andrews said...

Good luck, Tania, on the opening of Shop Handmade. The products have been so fun to see. I wish I was there to come by in person!

Megan said...

Good luck with the next few days and the opening - it sounds amazing!

Emma Davidson said...

Oooo Riley fabric! Can't wait to see it up close and personal at the shop :)

Tiny Concept said...

Love it! can't wait to see what you are going to make with them.

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