More treasures!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I'm just welcoming lots of lovely treasures into my life right now.

Along with all the treasures arriving to be photographed for handmade living., I just received the most stunning necklace (another belated mother's day present from myself to myself!) from the lovely Tina of Mama Mia Tina. She has an etsy store packed with gorgeous hand-stamped jewellery and I'm just adoring my beautiful silver necklace with discs stamped with the kids' names. Who could resist?

Make sure you check out her stunning wares and - just because I have the most gorgeous blog followers in the world - Tina is offering 10% off all purchases until May 31st. Just enter the code TANIA10 upon checkout (wow, I have a checkout code!).

I'm also loving my new coffee thermos mug. I'd promised myself one of these when we were in Beijing but never got around to it... and now I have my very own personalised version, thanks to a surprise gift from my lovely friend Louise.

Such a sweet and thoughtful gift - thanks so much, Lou! I'm so completely buried in work right now, to the exclusion of all else, and these gorgeous treats are just such a beautiful distraction.

PS: if you want your own personalised thermos, just head to Lou's site. Tell her I sent you!


Megan said...

Don't you just love having lovely packages waiting for you in the mail? It almost makes the bills that are amongst the pile bearable... almost...

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh how cool is the coffee cup holder - sorry don't drink coffee but can admire from a far!! The necklace is lovely, i think they are a sweet idea but i know my soldier husband would ask why i got dog tags made up with the children's names, typical, he wouldn't see the delicate beauty. Love Posie

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