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Monday, 16 August 2010

Kids Book Review was recently featured in the sensational industry newsletter Buzz Words - a really gorgeous write up on what we are doing and our glorious content, a lot of it thanks to our amazing line up of guests posters and my wonderful partner Megan Blandford.

Here is what Vicki said under USEFUL BOOKS and WEBSITES...

One of my favourite blogs, Kids Book Review was started by Canberra author Tania McCartney. It is full of interviews with authors/illustrators/librarians, book reviews, articles on literacy and reading, articles by children on why they like the books they like, profiles, links to other blogs, websites in the children’s literature world, writing tips, you name it! It is very easy to spend hours at this blog and everyone will get something out of it.

How lovely is that? We featured a sensational interview with Vicki on KBR recently - read it here - and sign up to Buzz Words post-haste - it is truly the most useful and interesting children's literature portal.

TO SUBSCRIBE head to the Buzz Words website or contact Vicki at

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