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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Go Green lunch box

How cool is my kids' school? Today the SRC introduced a 'no packaging' for lunch initiative that was a real eye-opener. Basically, kids had to bring all food stuffs in reusable containers - no plastic, no packaging, no throwaways of any kind. The only garbage bin being offered to the kids today is a compost bin for fruit skins.

Not even batting an eyelid, I set about unpackaging the lunch I had already packed for the kids the night before. Armed with a line-up of teensy containers, I opened the first package... and emptied it inside a container. Then I opened the next package. And the next package and the next package. And soon - to my utter horror - I had a mountain of packets and a surprisingly small collection of containers, all fitting snug within the confines of the lunch boxes.

I pride myself on offering my children balanced and nutritious food. Sure, I sneak in Tiny Teddy packets and no-added-sugar fruit straps and pre-packaged cheese and crackers here and there. Hey - sometimes, in a pinch, I even provide their second piece of fruit in a fruit cup.

But it really horrified me to see not only how much packaging I was adding to the landfill issue, but the bland colour of everything once opened. I mean, almost everything was either yellow, beige or brown.

For the sake of convenience and speed, I realise I have been doing it all wrong. And things need to change.

Not only did I realise that offering my kids a rubbish-free lunch was fabulous for the environment, it was also a great way to see exactly what we're feeding our kids and how well it balances out on the food pyramid. When you de-package and view (I recommend clear plastic containers) the colour and genre of the food you are feeding your children, it will really tweak something in your brain - you may surprise yourself how inadequate a typical school lunch can be, despite best intentions.

If those clever SRC kids wanted to make an impact on parents today - they've achieved their green mission. Well done, kids.

Want to convert your kid's lunch box from a pile of paper and plastic to a lean, green nutrition machine? Check out these fab sites offering a tempting range of perfect plastic-free packaging. They may seem a little expensive, but they are incredibly well-made and will save you a fortune in packaging and having to buy new lunch boxes as the old ones wear out.

Nude Food Movers (also available at many supermarkets)
Eco Store
Kids Konserve Re-usable wrapping
Biome (an emormous range of varying products from stainless steel to wrappings)
Ubeaut Kidz
Shop Naturally

Tips on packing a litter-free lunchbox
Information on safe lunchbox plastics


Green Mama said...

Our local school calls their school lunch guidelines 'nude food'. Love it!

Robin said...

Brilliant Tania. Thanks for the links!

Rocket Man said...

As a kid, I had a few lunchboxes go green. Sometimes black. Occasionally hairy. They definitely did not improve with age. x

Tania McCartney said...

Love you Rocket Man. x

Brenda said...

I love that idea! I'm going to put it into action at my house next week.

I already have some of those Nude Food Movers and they are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

I have found the following Laptop lunch box fabulous - my son loves salad and these allow a heap of flexibility.

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