Marlon and the Sleeping Dragon

Friday, 10 September 2010

How unbelievably adorable is this? Little Marlon (3) from Lennox Head, NSW, reading Riley and the Sleeping Dragon to Puff the Dragon - it just brought tears to my eyes.

Marlon's mum Sharyn actually contacted me some time ago about sending her a signed copy of Sleeping Dragon but life sort of got in the way (as it is want to do). Then, when out and about shopping with her little man last week, Marlon happened upon a copy of Riley and the Sleeping Dragon in Mary Ryan's Booktore in Byron Bay and asked his mum to buy it.

Mason has known nothing about his mum's initial contact with me. Thinking this was awfully serendipidous, Sharyn emailed me again and ordered a signed copy of the book. This photo was taken moments after little Marlon opened the envelope - he adores the book and I hope he enjoys many wonderful readings with his own little pet dragon.

Hi Marlon! Hope you enjoy the book and happy adventures!

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