I'm loving... new goodies and treats with a french twist

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What a lovely day of treats today - curiously French-infused. First a new haircut that's a lot more Euro-chic than my daggy old ponytail.

Then a gorgeous pressie from the lovely Posie - a tin drumming panda that rolls around as he batters his drum! Sure, this may not be particuarly French, but the whimsical nature of it is, and Posie knows exactly what I love. Such a sweet little gift when I picked up my Riley badges for my book launch.

You see, Posie makes these amazing badges and she's done special Riley ones for the launch goodie bags. Some lucky kids are going to pocket these on 21 November!

The other thing Posie (real name Jennie) has been up to is launching yet another label in her Posie conglomerate of gorgeousness. It's called Metric and it's tough and very beautiful clothing for boys and tom boys.

Jennie uses only the finest fabrics including this amazing cotton linen... and she has used some too-too-cute French fabrics in this line. You must see it - it's love love love.

The next lovely Francophiliac thing that happened today was a parcel in the mail from über talented and lovely Lisa Johnson from Covetables - a stunning new book and stationery label celebrating all things French-chic.

Lisa is one of these amazing, talented, dynamic women who does things with such finesse and professionalism - I have no doubt her beautiful new label will go very far.

I mean - just look at her stunning packaging and amazing toy Citröen card... c'est l'amour! Then there's the book - just totally delectable... from a real talent. You must see it. Even panda was so happy, he did a little drumming dance.

Stay tuned for more on the Covetables book... c'est formidable!


Dani said...

Love love love the hair....tres chic! (is that is the right context....my bad Vietnamese is only exceeded by my non existent French!)

Nat Kringoudis Melbourne said...

Gorgeous! I want more! Please tell us more!

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh shucks, thanks Tania!! The Panda screamed you, had to order him. Might be a little loud on the tin drums but cute to look at!! Loved your do, you need to show off the back too, it's awesome!! Love Posie

Anonymous said...

Hi Tania
I've seen the Covetables cards and books and they are fabulous and a great priced gift for a Xmas present. The prose poems are "the book". A great little book to keep by your bedside and dip into. HannahN

Anonymous said...

Your hair is FABULOUS! You look absolutely stunning. x

Tania McCartney said...

Sar - STOP IT!

ninaribena said...

Really adore your new hair... Faaaabulous darling! xxx

and yay posie, filling a niche - nice one.

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