reminiscence - verona, 1993

Friday, 1 October 2010

Today I visited my friend (and Kids Book Review conspirator) Megan Blandford's blog and I cried. Why? Because she posted a Friday Photo picture of Switzerland from her travels in 2006.

Tears sprang to my eyes when I saw her snow-capped picture, and this photo (above) flashed instantly into my mind - me sitting in the window of a pensione in Verona, Italy, in the spring of 1993. Just looking at this photo, I can remember the happiness bursting from my skin. I was in heaven.

Some of the most precious and beautiful moments of my life have been found in travelling. From the serene, serendipidous, enigmatic and life-changing events that come from travelling alone to the fabulously fun, hilarious, emotionally-fulfilling and magical experiences of travelling with kids - I'm pining like crazy to head off once more.

We're planning an o/s trip for January, so I'll just have to sit tight for now and reminisce. After all, isn't a large part of travel found in the reminiscence?


Megan said...

Love it.

The memories keep us going when our feet are temporarily stuck to the one spot.

Rocket Man said...

You make me want to pack a bag

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