a vegie patch to swoon over

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

My fabulous husband has taken it upon himself to grow us a bumper vegie crop this coming summer season, and I'm already thinking up fresh summer salads I can create from the spoils. About a month ago, he started digging out last year's mess (above) and he's slowly adding goodies, prepping things beautifully and planning the perfect time to get their legs into the soil.

Here is the patch about 2 weeks ago (above), with potatoes planted under the pea straw and here are things this morning (below) with potatoes sprouting. Beets are in, as are red onions and carrots. It's all very exciting. You can also see the herbs have gone bananas (in the background) - our sage, parsley and oregano has greedily drank up our recent rains. The fruit trees have also popped with blossom and our magnificent hedge is colouring up beautifully.

Got to love this time of year. More garden photos soon.

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