riley and the curious koala has arrived!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

SO excitement! A big, noisy truck arrived on Monday and delivered these boxes on my doorstep - and inside were fabulous eucalypt green books, bearing koalas!!

So so yummy, so so happy - this is my favourite Riley book yet. I hope you love it, too. Not long til the release... 21 November is just around the corner. Remember, if you want a personally signed copy of the book, I'm really happy to do that for you - just ping me an email - booksATtaniamccartneyDOTcom.


mrssewandsos said...

What an exciting delivery Tania! We MUST have a copy (signed of course!) of Riley and the Curious Koala for our collection.
So happy for you and well done :)

Lou x

Tiny Concept said...

Congrats T! Can't wait to get my copy signed in person!

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