WINNER! Riley and the Curious Koala Colouring Competition

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Thank you to everyone who sent in entries for the Riley and the Curious Koala colouring competition! I don’t know what’s happened to kids nowadays because they seem creatively supersonic – just look at these finalists – can you believe how creative and fabulous these entries are!? 

Isabella and Charlie Mayne (aged just 1 and 2!!)

Rachael Perkins (7)

Alexander Moore (7)

The competition was SO TIGHT! I could hardly hardly even decide a winner… but I’m pleased to announce, the winner of the colouring comp is…

Congratulations Jessica Moore! (just 5 years old!)

It was the sparkly pink string and green Riley face that pushed Jessica into first place… I mean, doesn’t it make sense that Riley would be green with travel sickness? I love this colouring SO much, Jessica – and stay tuned – a copy of the book is on the way!

Thank you to everyone who entered and look out for the next Riley comp!

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