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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

There's some places on earth you'd be hard pressed to tire of, and Questacon in Canberra is one of them. Packed with all manner of science- and fun-based interactive activities, the kids could spend an entire day totally saturated in wonder.

My advice is to go early (it opens at 9am every day of the year except Christmas Day), especially if you want to enjoy the rides at Sideshow - including this spinning chair (below) where kids throw balls at each other and the most wonderful simulated rollercoaster ride - hilarious and so real! And don't miss the vertical drop, if you're game.

The other part my kids love the most is the Awesome Earth, Perception Deception and I must say - the gift shop is one of the most astounding I've ever experienced. You won't leave without something kooky, amazing and totally fun. For parents with kids aged 6 and under, there's also a fabulous miniO play section.

Canberra may seem like a boring old government town to many around the country, but let me tell you, there is so much for kids to do here, it's no wonder the capital is packed at summer holiday time. Get questing!

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Em Callaghan said...

We have an annual membership to Questacon, can't get enough of the place! I regularly take my two year old who loves Mini Q but finds all the other galleries just as exciting. How fantastic is the new H2o display on the ground floor!

Cheers Em

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