FITE - financial independence through entrepreneurship

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Warm thanks to Rebecca Sparrow who posted a wonderful article on MamaMia yesterday about The First Wednesday Club - an initative that allows women to Give Back every Wednesday.

Rebecca spoke of FITE - or Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship - a global empowerment platform for women that is truly changing lives.

All you need to do is loan a third world woman $25. That's right, you get your money back. Why a loan and not a donation? As Rebecca says, it's because a loan requires accountability - it spurs people into action. And doesn't action change lives?

Watch this short clip - I dare you not to cry.

As the 100th annivesary of International Women's Day fast approaches, gather your girls together and talk about what really matters. Talk about who your $25 is going to go to. What a way to empower the sisterhood.

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