easter has crept into our house

Sunday, 17 April 2011

I have a lot going on at the moment, so this Easter I wanted to do something sweet and simple. A few vintage trinkets, some wind-up toys (which I adore), a branch from the garden (was going to spray paint this white but decided against it) studded with shimmery glass eggs, a simple tiered garland made of ivy and pink eggs and ribbon.

I love using fresh eggs in Easter decorating, so these speckled beauties found a temporary home in vintage egg cups and ceramic baskets. And I absolutely treasure these pale green marble eggs I found at a flea market in Beijing for around 50 cents each (below).

These fabulously kitsch plastic eggs in a variety of Eastery colours, were also snaffled in Beijing but you can now find the same thing in two dollar shops. They're adorable for hiding treats inside and stashing in the garden.

The pink painted rabbit and white tin bunnies and birds are from Bed Bath and Table.

I know my reindeer (which I love so much, I haven't been able to put him away since last Christmas) is not very Eastery but he becomes somewhat more seasonal when these befeathered darlings perch on his antlers.

How are you decorating for Easter this year?

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Tiaras said...

nada - can't stand the mess - I commend you!

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