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Friday, 15 April 2011

I was really inspired by the lovely Jo Rivard of Ink Robin recently - we interviewed her on Kids Book Review about her wonderful new ebook (in total cahoots with her Ink Robin team) Will & Kate: A Love Story.

Jo and her pals, based in Toronto, are going to be up early on 29 April to watch the royal wedding of Bill Windsor to young country girl Katie - and of course - what will be Jo's breakfast nibble of choice during the screening? Cucumber sandwiches, of course.

Although I'm keen to witness all the pomp and ceremony, albeit from a macrosuede couch throne in Canberra, I'm not so sure I'll be joining Jo and hauling myself out of bed at unGodly hours (heaven forbid) to partake. I'll let Foxtel do all that really hard time-converting for me, and just tune in on Saturday some time with daughter Ella and her sleepover pal Bethany.

Whatever the time of attunement, you can rest assured we'll be resplendantly perched on our thrones, bearing tiaras and - of course - nibbling those ubiquitous cucumber sandwiches.

What are your plans for the royal wedding?

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