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Thursday, 7 April 2011

There's not much more heartwarming for me than watching a child immersed in a book. Both Ella and Riley are big readers (no surprise there) but last weekend, something really wonderful happened with my eight-year-old son. He went missing.

Now, why is that wonderful, you ask? Well, when I eventually found him, I discovered it was wonderful because I found him on his bed reading. In the middle of the day. In sunny weather. Like, when he is usually kicking a football in the backyard.

He was reading Captain Underpants and he was totally immersed and he stayed that way for TWO HOURS. Yes, that's right. While Riley does read a lot, he has never done this. And lo, it delighted his mother.

What books were you totally absorbed in as a child? Or right now, for that matter? For me, it's Alison Murray's absolutely delightful book - Apple Pie ABC. It may have less than 100 words inside but I still find myself burying my nose and not coming out for ages.

Love it when that happens.

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Megan Blandford said...

Gorgeous! There's not a sight more beautiful than a child absorbed in a book.

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