riley and the sleeping dragon drawings

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

There's one thing that turns me to marshmallow - kids and their propensity to be gorgeously artistic and right-brained. And what turns me to marshmallow melting in hot chocolate? Children's art inspired by my Riley books. One of my favouritist things in the world to do is read my books to kids. The other thing is to see them inspired to draw, to write, to ask questions...

Just take a look at this astonishing line-up of art by the kids of Grade 2 at Penguin Primary in northern Tasmania. Can you even believe how utterly gorgeous? What greater thrill for an author than to have her characters rendered in pencil and crayon by an extraordinarily talented group of kids?

And you should have seen the accompanying letters! Yes, there were tears.

Thank you, kids! I'm so glad you loved Riley and the Sleeping Dragon and I will absolutely treasure the beautiful drawings you sent me. I am also going to respond to all your letters very soon! And thank you to the wonderful Mrs Wright for organising to send these pictures and letters to me.

Author dreams are truly made of this.

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