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Monday, 27 June 2011

I love wintry weekends bursting with pockets on sunshine that warm rooms without the need for heating. There's an innate need to hibernate, to sort and recalibrate - and I've been doing this in spades this past month.

One thing I really wanted to get into this weekend was my appalling jewellery collection, amassed from four years in Beijing. I'm actually not really a jewellery person - but one look at the Beijing markets where ropes of jadeite and pearls and turquoise and crystals and amethysts and such are cheaper than a plastic bangle from Target... well - you just tend to amass.

And amass I did. I probably wear less than one per cent of my collection but it's oh so so hard to let them go, even in the midst of a major clear out. I tried! I prised strings of bling from my fists and packed them into silk bags {my very lucky nieces are in for a bonanza} but the rest I carefully tucked away for Sometime.

Isn't it important to make Sometime soon?

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tiarastantrums said...

haha - look at all your jewelry boxes!! too funny! I bought a few things - should have bought more - but like you - I just don't wear that sort of stuff! I did buy TONS of pearls though!!

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