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Monday, 6 June 2011

i'm grateful for the Chinese tea kettle I discovered when we first moved to Beijing (2005)

There are wonderful and exciting things happening right now. Call it a mid-life crisis, if you will, but I'm going through lots of changes. Many are impercetable, some are downright gargantuan, but all are poised on the precipice of New.

Change, risk, embracing the new and wonderful - are certainly formidable things, and while they bring a tidal wave of wonderment, they also bring scatterings of gloom. Niggles. Irritations. Fear.

I was just reading the newsletter (one of the few I actually read) of a friend - Emma from WorkLifeBliss. It was about being grateful. Sure - we've all done the Oprah gratitude journal, yada yada yada... but sometimes we need a re-kick in the pants to truly appreciate what we have.

Emma pointed out that fear and appreciation cannot exist in the same space. I mean, this is a biological thing. Whilst in the midst of rapturous gratitude, the section of your brain that controls fear simply cannot function.

Thanks, Em, for the timely reminder of how vital it is to seize the wonder, the positive, the goodness, and recognise that, in the grand scheme of things, we are unbelievably fortunate. And that when it comes to creativity and passion, fear is - quite literally - all in the mind.

Mid-life crisis? Ha. Crisis averted.

i'm grateful for the need to wipe chocolate from my daughter's face (2005)
i'm grateful for superheroes (2007)
i'm grateful for unexpected sightings (2009)

i'm grateful for partnership (2011)


Beth Cregan said...

I am grateful for early nights and warm beds...oh and Sunday newspapers read on a comfy chair in a patch of sunlight. Lovely post for a Monday morning - fear and appreciation cannot exist in the same space. I have this now written on a post it on my desk. Have a lovely week.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful for five minutes to read blogs in between kids activities.
I'm grateful for a cup of tea made by someone that isn't me.
I'm grateful for hugs from my babies, even if they're almost big enough to wear my shoes.

nunta formatie said...

I`m grateful for all my life, with goods and bads, i`m happy with it.

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