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Monday, 25 July 2011

During my divine 'month off', I took the time to do things with the kids that we really enjoy... like wandering around some of the many, world-class exhibits contained in our gorgeous capital.

I haven't been to Old Parliament House for so so long, and although I'd head about the Museum of Australian Democracy, I wasn't prepared for how truly amazing it is. From incredible, hi-tech interactive screens and awe-inspiring displays on our history and our political fabric, to dress-ups for tots, my mother-in-law and daughter were also thrilled to soak up the history, the ambiance... oh, if only those walls could talk!

We sat in the Senate, we wandered through the Prime Minister's office, we gawked at an imposing statue of King George and left notes on political change. Ella loved taking on the kids' hunting trail to find objects on our travels and I adored exploring the press rooms and its collection of old typewriters.

Powerful, enlightening stuff.

More soon on the Portrait Gallery.

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