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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Just SWOONING over my dear friend Tina Snerling's new blog design for her Tiny Concept blog. Illustrator and designer Tina has been busy updating her blog and is adding glorious new products and ideas to her brand soon. Oh - and she's also working on a book with me! We hope to reveal all sometime soon.

We've had masses of comments on her gorgeous illustrations for Kids Book Review. Her designs have added such whimsy and charm to the site - we love it!


Tiny Concept said...

I would like everyone to know who reads Tania's wonderful blog, that it is indeed Tania who has supported and inspired me every step of the way. Without you T, I would be very lost indeed.

Thanks for your wonderful post and I am SO excited to be working on our new book together!

Kelly Morton said...

Tina I absolutely ADORE your work! x

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