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Saturday, 29 October 2011

It's so much fun being a children's author. It may sound schmaltzy, but one of my favourite things about my 'job' is the way kids become inspired by books - even MY books - which is still kind of a totally surreal feeling.

Whilst visiting the beautiful Yarra Valley Grammar this month, I was a little overwhelmed when year 2 gave me this astonishing stack of letters and drawings. The letters were a joy to read, and I've added the drawings to the Riley the Little Aviator website if you want to take a peek at pure talent!

I was also overwhelmed when the Preps presented me with a truly gorgeously-crafted book in the style of the Riley books - in which Prep goes to visit Sydney, looking for a curious koala. So adorable! Here's a peek, and you can see the full book here.

Can you believe how adorable? And here is me reacting to the book like the silly sausage that I am. Told you it's fun being a children's author!


Dani said...

Oh my God you have fan mail! And what amazing fan mail it is. I cannot even fathom how that must feel. What a totally unexpected bonus. The cherry on top!

Rosalind said...

Ha that is cute, classic look on your face... tears?!

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