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Monday, 9 January 2012

I've truly had the most glorious start to 2012. I feel free, happy, content and so excited about this coming year. Yes, the typical procrastination and doubts and lethargy threaten to deter me, but I'm more determined than ever to keep them at bay.

We talk ceaselessly of balance and incorporating more of it into our lives - that elusive act that promises to make us feel we're achieving and striking a healthy daily ritual that will enrich our lives. Yet, we often fail to strike it. Why? I think it's lack of planning. The inability to schedule the fun and pleasure into our world as well as the boring and mundane.

Friend and colleague Emma Grey of Work Life Bliss often talks of scheduling your life to make it work better for you. Scheduling actually helps eliminate stress. It helps you feel like you're achieving. It helps you commit and . . . work towards are greater balance.

Last week I bought a brand new organiser {and also one for my daughter Ella, which I just handed to her, and over which she squealed with glee}. Together we are plotting and planning our year - scheduling in {as Emma so wisely insists} all the fun first - the holidays, the glorious life events - and then the 'work' and the less pleasurable elements.

I've always pored over Martha Stewart's month in her magazines, outlining all the plans to do, from visiting an antiques show in Maine to pulling up bulbs in her garden. I love the idea of 'not forgetting' or neglecting the things we love because we're too caught up in busy, or are so stressed and overwhelmed, all we can do is flop on the couch in a state of disrepair.

How are you going to rid stress and procrastination and effect more balance in your life? Is 2012 going to be another year of faffing or a year of achievement and pleasure - with moments of quiet bliss . . . those precious, precious times when you can just Be? How are you going to make this one a stand-out year? Will you take the time to schedule You?


The Jeweller said...

I love this. My mother gave me an organiser for Christmas. My first thought was "I don't need this, I have an iPhone!" But as I'm the 'waste-not' kinda gal, come January 1st I got it out and started filling up the pages with all those little daily tasks that I am dertermined to not let fall by the way-side this year. Water the pot plants, take a photograph of a little joy, update my business page fb status... I'm loving ticking off the daily items on my lists. Talk about satisfaction! Ah yes, 2012 will be FABULOUS!! xx

Emma said...

Great idea - I sooo need to do this. Plus it's a perfect excuse to spend some time (& money) in my favourite stationary shop!! ;-)

tiarastantrums said...

so very true - but hard to schedule ME time when you have hubby who foils it at every turn - HA! I've tickets to two conferences (one in Feb and one in Oct) Let's see if I actually get to attend!

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