$2 shop treasures

Friday, 24 February 2012

I've been hovering around $2 shops for a while now, like the tragic wench that I am, waiting, just waiting for more delicious treasure to appear. It appears sometimes - yes indeed it does - but this is rare - and the treasure usually evaporates as quickly as it arrives. That's right - word soon spreads and the items are sucked into a snap-it-up-quick vortex, leaving nothing but a lingering piece of lint in its wake {and perhaps a few scratched-out eyes}.

I believe in sharing these treasurable finds, and you'll usually get a text from me if I see something I'll know you love. I texted my local friend Miss Posie almost immediately upon finding this clutch of baking gold.

Paper straws - just $2.50 for 20! And adorable scalloped paper cupcake wrappers for just $2.99. And a cardboard cake stand for $5.99! I even snaffled a box of classic milkbar straws with spoonish ends {for summery thickshakes on the beach}. Heaven!

I also managed to find, hidden in the pile beneath the sorry lot of wigs on offer, a red Julia Gillard bob and a Captain Cook-esque white, colonial wig - and I'm still in the deepest shock, because these two things are NOT what you would so easily find on any shopping expedition, least of all an expedition that was purposefully designed to search for such hairy items!

So, I came home a happy shopper. And no - the wigs aren't for me. They're for the launch of Australian Story. Promise.

$2 shop near Westpac, Woden Shopping Centre - hurry, those divine baking goodies are evaporating fast. Hang on. Maybe I shouldn't be telling you this . . . {see how much I love you?}


Anonymous said...

Will ever so briefly be in cba today - will I get to Woden between school visits and house hunting..... Only time will tell...... Thanks for sharing. Love the cup cake stand and the wrappers....


tiarastantrums said...

NEVER can find GOOD paper straws anywhere - unless ordered for a bloody fortune! Good find!

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