Are We There Yet? exhibition opening at Civic Library

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I was thrilled to attend the opening of the Are We There Yet? touring exhibition at Civic Library here in Canberra today - showcasing the multi-step creation of Alison Lester's iconic picture book.

This was some amazing experience - to see Alison's original work and all her inspiration up close, was glorious. From handwritten notes to photos of her family's trip around Australia (which inspired the book) to her draft illustrations and finals - it was a very special thing to see.

A group of school children also attended the ceremony, which was introduced by Vanessa Little, Director Libraries ACT. Vanessa then presented MLA Mary Porter, who 'opened' the exhibition by untying a big red ribbon around the book. Her little helper was Maia, an Are We There Yet? aficionado, who is so enamoured with this book, she borrowed it so many times, her librarian had to ask her to stop so other kids could borrow it! Maia thoroughly entertained me by commentating the book's text as we stopped at image after image.

Other ACT ambassadors were also in attendance - fellow author Marion Halligan - and it was really lovely to meet 666ABC present Louise Maher. Huge thanks to the talented Sarah Steed for taking photos of me with the kids, and congrats to all the library gals for completing yet another National Year of Reading event with such panache.

Enjoy this peek at a very special exhibit! and don't miss Louise Maher's 666ABC podcast interview with these gorgeous kids, and teacher/librarian Kerry Johnstone.

Mary Porter 'opens' the book exhibition with Maia

Such a lovely group of kids

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