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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Being introduced by NLA marketing guru Maureen Brooks

I had the most incredible time tonight - at my own book launch! Book launches are SO made by the people who attend them, and I was so fortunate to have the warmest, loveliest crowd at the National Library of Australia Bookshop.

It was a whirlwind of faces I've known for a while; faces I've not seen for a while (much to my delight) and faces both new and anew . . . but all fascinating and so engaged in the phenomenon that is time in China - whether it be visitors, part time residents, expats or wannabe visitors. Gee, I know some lovely people - and many of them had either lived in or visited or want to visit China.

In fact, I had several attendees say they were so inspired by my love of China, they were going to be a wannabe visitor no more!

Huge thanks to Maureen Brooks and Meredith Wright for hosting my launch at the beautiful National Library, and for their wonderful efforts to make this event so beautiful. Thank you to Maureen for the gorgeous intro and to such a generous crowd of people - an impressive amount for a cold and rainy Canberra evening!

It was so lovely to have my darling husband and Ella and Riley there, too - even though I totally embarrassed them with anecdotes from the book. It was also a joy to have some many new friends attend, not to mention dear 'old' friends Barbie Robinson, Emma Grey, Jennie McClelland (Posie Patchwork) and Fiona Nichols from Dymocks Tuggeranong, Jane Brown from Jane Brown Pearls. along with the gorgeous Rachelle Stannard from Prim and Pretty - who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and so had my camera foisted upon her at the last minute - warmest thanks to her for taking these gorgeous photos!

What a wonderful night of emotion, laughter and fun. And the most impressive part of the night? Meeting a very brave woman who (when visiting China herself) sucked the brains out of a snake's head. You read it right.

Enjoy this peek at the goings on at the Beijing Tai Tai launch . . .

Riley and Ella - it was so special to have them there

question time

the gorgeous Jennie McClelland talks of her four children visiting China

Maureen wrapping up the evening

signing signing signing, and meeting some really special people

the lovely Ali, chatting with Ella and I; gosh, I could have knocked someone cold with those earrings! And forgive me, my idol Jackie French, but I'm using A Day To Remember to rest my book signings on!

Sarah (right) is a Libraries ACT gal and has a brilliant mind; she also takes great photos

here are some rebels loitering outside the NLA after we were ejected by the guards (but hey, they were just doing their job) - L - R: a Posie Baby, Posie, Moi, Rachelle of Prim and Pretty

it's really silly that people give you gifts for launching a book, when the real gift is them being there to support you - but here is a really beautiful collection of goodies from Jennie McClelland (Posie) and Meredith Wright and Barbie Robinson

and I just had to finish with this from Posie - home-made sausage rolls. just because. may you all have friends like this.

Go on - you know you want a copy. Head to you local bookstore or the Exisle Publishing website now! Or check out the Beijing Tai Tai website -

As Toushka Lee said, during my virtual tour:

People who will love this book:
  • Mums
  • Expats
  • People with a sense of humour
  • People who have been to China
  • People who want to go to China
  • People who have heard of China

People who will not love this book:
  • Tania’s Ayi

I hope you enjoy it! Sorry, I've had too much champagne. Love youse all.



Silverdragon said...

LOL, Tania - gorgeous post about a truly lovely evening. :)

I didn't spot the photographer snapping a pic of me! It was lovely to meet Ella too - she is a very together young lady.

I'm so pleased to finally have a copy of Beijing Tai Tai in my hands - so pretty, as well as entertaining and a great read.

Posie Patchwork said...

YAY, had such a blast, love being marched out by security, tee hee. Just hit publish on my post to go live in the morning. My last line - it was just that good a book launch, no one wanted to leave.
My pleasure with the gifts, i mean, a Puffin book board game, come on, it screamed The McCartneys!! I still smell like sausage rolls, enjoy. They were par-frozen so they would be fresh for the fridge & tomorrow's lunch, they just had to survive being tossed around.
Congratulations again, it was so much fun & such a fabulous crowd, look how far back i had to stand!! Love Posie

Dani said...

Amazing! Congratulations Tan. Do you know how much that quote made me laugh? Where is Ayi now? There is a book in that! X

Tania McCartney said...

Silverdragon - were you that gorgeous woman in the red leopard print top!? Why didn't you reveal your secret identity to me!!? LOL. SO lovely to finally meet you. x

Kelly Morton said...

T, your night sounds so WONDERFUL! I am so happy for you. xxx

ps - I just ordered my copy of Beijing Tai Tai! <3

Prim and Pretty said...

It was such a pleasure to take the photos! To be a PHOTOgrapher (a secret dream of mine)for a night, well, bliss. Your energy and warmth is lovely to be around. My husband was so SURPRISED that I would ever have to be kicked out of a venue while I was still talking with my friends. all the best for Bej Tai Tai. xx

Tania McCartney said...

Ha ha! My husband was also surprised (and yelling at me) that we could not stop chatting!! xx

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh i forgot to say last night how fabulous Rachelle's images were, they really caught the moment as i didn't see or feel her taking that photo of me talking either. Tania, i think you may have found some talent there & to hear P&P was secretly so passionate, brilliant. See what these amazing evenings uncover?? Love Posie

Prim and Pretty said...

See we hadn't finished talking! till next we meet.....

Reader. Writer. Daydreamer. said...

It was a great night and I really enjoyed the book 'extras' we got through your chat. Thanks!

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