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Saturday 21 April 2012

I've just had the most bizarre experience. I've read a review of Beijing Tai Tai, and my mouth wouldn't stop watering the entire time! Warmest thanks to gorgeous author Dimity Powell for this incredibly evocative review on Goodreads. Now, I'm off for some yum cha!

Beijing Tai Tai: Life, laughter and motherhood in China's Capital by Tania McCartney

5 of 5 stars

I make no apologies for the following metaphor especially when I adore Yum Cha as much as I adored Tania McCartney's latest offering, Beijing Tai Tai.

Sitting down to Tai Tai was like settling in for a mouthwatering feast of Yum Cha. Served in small tantilisingly easy to digest morsels, each piece of Tania's four year residency in Beijing left my mouth watering for more. Each bite was impressively seasoned with raw emotion, succlent insights and a crisp candour positively crackling with humour.

Some portions were able to be wolfed down quickly in eager expectation of the next dish. Others allowed more time to savour the vivid and sometimes not so savoury aspects of being an Expat in one of China's most beguiling cities.

I was able to experience the delicious oddities and rarities that are China through the eyes of a Foreign White Devil, if not for as long as Tania did, certainly for a little longer than it takes to devour a Yum Cha lunch. And while Tai Tai may not be everyone's take on living in China (after all BBQ'd Chickens' Feet are not to everyone's liking), this is one very satisfied and happy Peking Duck.


DimbutNice said...

Worth every calorie! xx Dim

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Scrummy, what a delicious review. I love Yum Cha & have not been for YEARS!! I adore it & it never ceases to amaze me how much my children can eat!!
Congratulations for this fabulous review, metaphor & all round success of the book, love Posie

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