Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I opened a Pinterest account soon after it started, but delayed getting involved for so long - mainly because I feared it yet another time waster in my virtual life.

I recently returned to it with gusto after realising it's not very time consuming at all, and has already allowed me to link up and discover things in wonderful ways. It's so lovely to share images, especially those I've taken myself, and to enjoy the imagery shared by others. It's kind of a sort of therapy and a happy zone I can pop into a few minutes a day.

Are you on Pinterest? What do you think of it? You can follow me here. Where can I follow you?


Danielle McDonald said...

Hi Tania, I have been reading along with you since I moved to the Canberra area recently but have yet to leave a comment - until now. I just wanted to say that I think Pinterest is a great way to collect inspiration and ideas, but I do confess to spending WAY too much time there. It's so easy to get lost in dreams there!
Oooh and I meant to comment on how much I enjoyed reading about your event at three four knock on the door. I used to be a Melbourne girl and Love all of the great things happening there. I even spotted some products I designed in the background of a couple of your photos. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hi and that I enjoy your blog.

Tania McCartney said...

Hi Danielle - how lovely to hear from you! Looks like we are both Melbourne girls trapped in this (nonetheless beautiful) town - thanks for your lovely words and I hope to see you on Pinterest! PS: what do you design?

Reader. Writer. Daydreamer. said...

I *love* pinterest and have been on there from early on too. I have to ration myself though as I do find it rather addictive :)

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