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Thursday, 16 August 2012

I'm a closet fashionista. And by that, I mean I have fashion in my closet, but rarely on my body. The reason? When I go to work each day, I wear my trackie dacks. I mean, my office is only 10 paces from my kitchen, so why even bother getting changed from the morning school dash?

Trackies are comfortable to write in. They're also nice and stretchy, and so capable of encasing my ever-expanding writer's derrier. So trackie dacks it is.

Tomorrow I'm starting a two-week round of Book Week and Literacy and Numeracy Week presentations and school visits. It's going to be non-stop and it's going to also mean I should probably wash my hair and frock up a bit.

Daunted about this to the nth degree (especially the hair part), I today opened my closet with an agonised groan, expecting to find 'nothing' in there, but instead I found this . . .

It's true. Clothing makes us feel good. It affects our mood and how we feel about ourselves. It also affects how people see us. I'm never in any of these clothes, and seeing them - touching them and feeling them and enjoying their lustrous hues (I adore pattern) - brought upon me a sudden desire to make an effort again. I never feel anything more than daggy, so it's time . . . time to hike the glam level.

Some may say visiting schools isn't 'special' enough to glam up but to me, schools are the most special place on earth, so why not, I say.

I'll be tweeting my Book Week and Lit/Num Week ensembles at @TaniaMcCartney #BookWeekFashion between 20 and 30 August. Why don't you drag out your gladrags and spread the hashtag word! Who's joining me?

Footnote: Sorry to disappoint, fashion die-hards, but this is the only shred of fluoro you'll be seeing on this oh-my-god-i'm-having-a-very-unpleasant-late-80s-flashback body.


Anonymous said...

You are a dag - of the classiest kind! xx

Thinks your fashions may leave mine in the mud heap this Book Week. (I'm halfway through my busy weeks. Have been busy with Storybook Challenge talks this week. Book Week next week.)


Tania McCartney said...

I still hope you join me, Kitty Kat! x

Deborah said...

Oh yay! School newsletter today revealed that you will be at our school next week. No-one quite does a book reading and activity session like you Tania. Thrilled to bits for our lucky children and wishing I was in year 3-6 again. :) Deb

Tania McCartney said...

Aw Deb - v sweet! Maybe you can hide up the back?? :)

Emma Davidson said...

I always imagined you writing in crisp dark blue jeans and a nice silky bright patterned blouse. Such is the image I got from the beautiful style on your blog! Anyway, it's the style in your brain, not on your bum, that counts when you're writing. Happy Book Week preparations.

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh Tania, you scream fashion & Spring, i love it, colour colour & more colour, love Posie
PS i have a wardrobe full of designer gear this housewife doesn't get to don often, i still like knowing it's there!!

Tania McCartney said...

Gorgeous Emma - ha! No! Daggy daggy trackies, alas. Would be nice to be doing the Audrey Hepburn thing - capris, a short sleeve shirt and a scarf at my neck (v Roald Dahl, too, though not the capris...) but I can't see that happening any time soon!

My beautiful Posie - we need to wear our gear!! x

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