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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Today: is Halloween. I love Halloween - it's a shame it's not more widely-celebrated in Australia; it is originally a British festival, after all. I treated the kids to these little, ghostly goodie packs . . .

Today: I did one of my favourite things in the world - surprise my kids with little treats. We're in wind-down mode, so I didn't decorate the house like I normally do. Little surprise packs will have to suffice!

Today: I hauled out precious. Don't you just love these stunning little Halloween cards? I bought them in Japan five years ago and have been too precious to use them - until now. The kids loved them.

Today: my gorgeous friend Tina Snerling shared with me one of the characters from our upcoming kids' book - An Aussie Year. Introducing Ned! Tina is just so talented and I absolutely adore these beautiful kids she's creating for the book.

Today: I also picked up some roughs for the next Riley book - Riley and the Jumpy Kangaroo: A journey around Canberra. Kieron has outdone himself!

Today: I realised, a little late, that I had not sent this Halloween gift to my goddaughter in Bangkok. It's on its way today.

Today: peaches! Small and rock-hard and $1000 a kilo, but fragrant and still sooooo tempting. Ella will devour these.

Today: these honey jumbles had to come home with me. Riley was impressed. Then he asked for tick tock biscuits, too.

Today: a super-dooper find - yellow chevron mugs from Woollies! Just a few dollars each and I am totally in love. I only bought two - must go back.

 Today: I used my new Kikki-K plastic shopping bag at Woollies.

Today: I finally espied that Turkish Delight. The one that only appears at Christmas. I stocked up.

Today: I purchased our annual festive favourite. Will serve with berries and custard and ice cream, and will use the leftovers for French toast. One of my fave things ever.

Today: fabulous new breads at our local Woollies. Am obsessed with this grainy sourdough.

Today: Ella's dog walking dog payment for November, in the letterbox.

Today: also in the letterbox - a postcard! Remember those??

Today: azaleas pilfered from the garden and plonked right next to me.

Hope you had a lovely day today.

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posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

I love your day, the book Tina is working with you no is glorious, i love Ned, so cool!! One of my nephew's initials are NED & is called Ned by his pa.
Just love your finds, the mugs are a total score & so much fun. Ah, now i'm hungry, sourdough bread, mmmm. Love Posie

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