a pared-back Christmas

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

We have spent the year squirreling away every spare cent, and in late December, will be heading off on a 5-week OS trip. Can you hear me squealing with glee?

As a result, things will be a little simpler around here this Christmas - not only because we won't be here for part of December and all of January, but because this has been another manic year and we want to just - - - stop.

I ADORE Christmas decorating and thought I'd be in a right state without the full-on shebang, covering every surface with glitz, but I have to say, after spending a few hours {as opposed to a few days - told you I adore Christmas decorating!} kitting out the house with little more than some paper lanterns and fairy lights, this is my favourite festive decorative scheme of ALL time.

I love it.

Here is a little peek.

This feather tree - I had to purchase it from the States. Goodness knows why we don't have them here in Australia, but we don't - or I haven't seen them, anyway, and trust me - I have LOOKED. It only stands about a metre high but it's just the epitome of charm. I've dotted it with ribbon decorations I made 2 or 3 years ago.

On the wall {photo below} you'll see my white paper wreath I made last year {along with several others} and a string of white lanterns found at Spotlight for not very much money at all. The little fir trees - the thinner ones were bought in a $2 shop here in Canberra, and the fatter one was a Beijing find.

The wrapping paper and tags are Kikki-K. Of course, this table will eventually be stacked to the rafters with more pressies!

The rattan angel was found in Beijing and the reindeer hanging with the lanterns are from IKEA, two seasons ago. The stunning fairylights can be found at Bunnings in little white tubs - $34 for a 4m length of trailing sparkle.

This beautiful reindeer was a Bed Bath + Table find - he holds our Christmas cards each year, with little pegs to clip them on. The striped box is from Seed - specifically from their Candy range.

Again, my fabulous collection of fir trees on the piano - I adore them.

These amazing glittery wreaths are from Target, can you believe it. They were on sale well before Christmas and I can see why - they shed glitter at an alarming rate. Lucky I'm a mum who simply loves finding glitter on the souls of her feet months after Christmas. I adore these so much, I'm thinking of leaving them there year-round - least of all for the glitter-drop factor.

In our main living area {below}, under the skylight, I've hung a photo mobile - and pegged Scandinavian straw ornaments to it. They drift gently on no breeze at all. Beautiful.

I also hung more fairy lights, more lanterns and my brand new Provincial Home Living wreath which I've coveted for several seasons now - and just thought 'hang it'. So I did.

You'll also see some beautiful white candle holders - something like $6 each from Masters hardware store, along with orange blossom pillar candles, also from Masters. The faux Christmas tree {a flat wood cut-out + truly something you would find in an Enid Blyton story} is my most heartfelt find this season. It was around $20 from Bed Bath + Table.

The Eiffel Tower picture below is framed fabric + is one of my favourite things in the world.

Another obsession of mine - snow globes - is out in force on the high kitchen counter that separates the kitchen from our living area - I have many + would love to add to the collection over time. Nothing new this year . . . maybe next year.

How are you decorating this Christmas? Simple or all-out?


Miss Prudence said...

Lovely!!! Looking your decs brings out the old window dresser in me!! I love the "shebang" too! I would decorate the dog if he stood still long enough - wait i have in the past! :) USA range of decs are swoon worthy yes? I love your array of little xmas trees!

Tania McCartney said...

Aw, thank you, Miss Prudence - great to come across a like-minded soul! Happy Christmas to you. :)

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