2012 - a reflection

Friday, 14 December 2012

The lovely Emma Grey from Work Life Bliss constantly inspires me with her weekly newsletters of life-balance goodness. This week, Emma dared not mention the 'R' word for the new year, but did offer up these brilliant self-questions, which I quickly and easily filled in. Maybe you'd like to fill it in, too - I highly recommend it.
My top achievements were . . .

The most important lessons that I learned were that health and family are everything.

I am proud of myself because I managed to step back when things became too much.

Next time I will do these things differently . . . factor 'down time' into my work, exercise every day, do less, purge, do more for ME and my family.

I am grateful for these highlights . . . the National Year of Reading ambassadorship, new book contracts and work associations, Kids Book Review, thriving children, industry friendships, redecorating parts of our house, travelling overseas again.

What I valued most this year was . . . feeling reconnected to my soul and rediscovering the precious present.

I spent a lot of time this year feeling . . . overwhelmed.

I know myself better now because . . . I have discovered the power of simplicity.

This year led me to . . . truly understand how fortunate I am.

I grew this year in the these ways . . . I realised I have limited energy and need to disperse it wisely. The greatest of life's joys are in the simplest of things. Life should be lived with gusto. It's vital to appreciate the smallest moments and to spend time in nature and with good people who value you.

The next part to Emma's newsletter asked these questions: 

What do you want to leave behind in 2012? Which habits, thoughts, behaviours, negative relationships or situations would it serve you well to let go of now?

1. Rushing, stressing, panicking.

2. Feeling obliged and pressured by others, the frustration of being let down by others, taking on the 'issues' of others, listening to gossips, putting up with leeches, sociopaths and passive aggressive people.

3. Over committing, multitasking, amassing.

4. Lack of courage in my work; lack of direction and focus.

5. Emailing and social networking.

Lastly, Emma suggests clearing out the physical ‘baggage’ that weighs you down by reassessing the  quality of your home and work environments. She believes the state of your environment will either propel you towards your goals for the new year, or drag you backwards. 

Having a purge, a clean out, a tidy-up, a recalibration - are excellent ways to start the year afresh and keep things in better shape. Being more organised reduces stress and increases productivity.

When we come home from our trip, I'll be doing just that. I've already done quite a lot but need to do more. I simply can't wait to get into it.

What is it that you simply can't wait to get into?

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