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Friday, 28 December 2012

last time I was in Paris? 1994 {far too long}

We're poised to choof off on a holiday. A big one. I've had such a busy year, with so many commitments and so much to think about, it took ages to get excited about this trip. It wasn't until I started packing our suitcases that things really hit home.

Gasp. Sudden excitement - and at bursting point, too.

So, we'll be heading to London first, will head up to the midlands, too - and then to Paris on the Eurostar {my first time scooting under the chunnel - can't wait!). After Paris is Bruges, then The Hague where we'll base ourselves with some gorgeous friends, and see as much as we can of The Netherlands.

From there it's on to Brussels, then back to London, then a flight to Bangkok. We're even taking a little side trip down to Hua Hin for a resort stay - something I am sooooo looking forward to - a time for complete and utter relaxation ahead of a busy 2013.

Some of our dearest friends will be playing host to us in BKK, so we're assured of a pretty amazing time. It will also be our chance to thaw out!

We'll arrive back in Canberra just before school starts - and Ella starts high school. Yes, you could say I've spent the past few months planning as much 'in advance' as is humanly possible! It will be so lovely to come home to a 'sorted' house - with everything ready to go.

So, the bags are packed. Our electronic gadgets are charged. The house sitters (we have two sets!) will be arriving tomorrow - all is cleaned and set and ready to go. I hope to be posting photos along the away - definitely on Instagram and Facebook, and I'm hoping to do a blog post or two, as well - so stay tuned!

Wishing you a sensational New Year's Eve celebration {we will be taking the kids to hear the chimes of Big Ben} and a glorious start to 2013. I can't wait to share our travels with you - they are for both work and play, so it's all very exciting.



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deb@thegullsnest said...

Happy New Year Tania. I hope the chimes of Big Ben were all you imagined. Thanks for all your inspiration in '12. Truly magic! May '13 be a bumper one of books and beautiful things.

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