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Monday, 11 February 2013

It's hard to believe my baby will soon be 10. That means only double-digit peeps in our family {well, until the grandkiddles come along, but I can wait for that!} from now on.

As it's near impossible to foist a thematic party on my kids now, we're instead doing the putt putt golf thing, followed by cake and ball-kicking at our house. As it's the height of summer, I thought I'd do an icy pole invitation, least of all because it's easy and yet still looks - er . . . cool.

And ten-year-old boys are all about cool, are they not?

I used Martha Stewart's icy pole template, which you can find here. I simply opened the PDF in Adobe Illustrator and adjusted the wording. If you can't use a graphic design programme, simply create a striped rectangle in Paint and print it out. You can then create an icy pole shape template with a ruler and round object {like a lid}, trace it onto the coloured print-out and cut out.

You can either print or hand write your party details.

Print onto light card stock {or onto paper and paste to card stock}. Cut out. Wedge a popsicle stick between the front and back of the invitation with craft glue.

I cut A4 vellum sheets in half to make the slip-like envelopes. I folded them in half again and then stapled two sides closed. Insert your icy pole with a little piece of stick poking out, so little fingers can grab the invitation and pull it down.

Stay tuned for Riley's party! I'll blog it early March.

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