it's National Bookshop Day!

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Happy National Bookshop Day!

Around the country, many bookstores are hosting special events, author and illustrator visits, giveaways and other wonderful activities as part of a national celebration of bookshops. The winner of the Australia’s Favourite Bookstore competition will also be announced today by William McInnes at the Sun Bookshop in Yarraville in Victoria.

Go on - ditch the trackie dacks, gather up the kids and head to your local bookstore for a brand new book or seven. Goodness knows, our fabulous bookstore people need your support. And you can NEVER have enough books.

Find out more about events being held today by following the National Bookshop Day on Facebook and Twitter.

One you buy your bookS, head over to the Kids' Book Review Facebook page and share your book finds with a title or even a photo. I'll be doing it!

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